12 Mile sessions

In the Fall of 2016, Hallie Spoor and videographer Huan Manton embarked on journey: creating a series of live-take music videos at 12 Mile Ranch in Fairplay, Colorado. The purpose was to capture the beauty of Colorado, and show the raw, stripped down version of Hallie's music. 

The Brave Ones 


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If you’re a fan of confessional lyrics and a strong, powerful voice — then Spoor is your girl. We’re eagerly anticipating this artist’s album release and have a feeling this folk singer will be making waves throughout Denver soon.
— 303 Magazine
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Upon listening for the first time, you can’t help but be immediately drawn to the range of Spoor’s voice. Often described as “an old soul” whose sound may remind you of powerful folk ladies who’ve come before her, like Joni Mitchell or Sheryl Crow, Hallie Spoor might just be the Adele of Americana. You’ll know exactly what I mean with tracks like “Till I See You Again.”
— bolderbeat
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